Friday, June 4, 2010

Learning new stuff

I am quickly becoming a big boy. I have finally learned to eat fingerfood quite well. Here I am eating a strawberry with some rice cakes. I often refuse to be fed anymore. Unless I also get a spoon in my hand and am allowed to eat from the plate myself. Which of course gets messy. So my mom hopes that I soon figure out how to properly put the spoon in my mouth.

I am also climbing EVERYWHERE now. Today I even learned to climb up the stairs, all the way to the second floor. I do it really well. But I'd also like to try to jump down the stairs, so I am quite a risk factor to myself.

Here I am standing with support, but I've also been standing more and more without any support. I'm learning a lot of stuff!!

Besides eating shoes, climbing and going outside, one of my favourite things is watching building machinery. There are some building works close to our house and we go and watch the machines there. Also if I hear a machine (tractor, crane etc..) passing our house, I try to quickly crawl to the window to see it!!

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